Ignition Loft Advisory Board

We’ve Assembled the Best to Bring You the Best

Collaborative Opportunities

Ignition Loft is highly attractive to entrepreneurs, emerging companies, media and other high value relationships. Our environment enables talented professionals from developers and data scientists to animators and marketing geniuses to share knowledge and capabilities in a way that has never before been possible.

Community Engagement

Ignition Loft offers transformative solutions to sponsoring partner companies to get in front of their potential customers in a much more intimate with influencers and early-adopters in technology and fitness. Ignition Lofters dream bigger, build better, and deliver greater genuine value to their stakeholders and customers, every day.

Brand Awareness and Adoption

Our founding sponsor partners have some very unique opportunities to integrate themselves into the very fiber of the building and community for years at a time. Take advantage of competitive rates now and reap the benefits of true grassroots community in technology and fitness, today.

LEE DECKER // Co Founder & Marketing Executive in Residence


MARK THIMMIG // Co Founder & CEO in Residence


MILES YANO // Rocket Scientist in Residence


NOAH FRAM-SCHWARTZ // former 3D Design Lab Lead at Google


JEFF SPARROW // Ad-Tech Executive


C. BRIAN CONNERS // Financial Services Executive


SCOTT HAMILTON // Strategic Growth Advisor


DAN LARSEN// Senior IT Manager – Start-up Advisor


YOSHI NOGUCHI//President & CEO at InterBusiness Corporation


Get Involved and Be Heard!

The Ignition Loft Technology Hub is sponsored by leading companies who share their interest and passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

They realize the emerging popularity and importance of Tech Hubs as centers for innovation, high quality job creation and as contributors to the health and attractiveness of the local community.

Our unique environment will enable talented professionals – from developers and data scientists to information architects and many other entrepreneurs – to share knowledge and capabilities, discover innovative opportunities, and offer transformative solutions needed to compete and prosper.

Ignition Loft centers are designed to provide an integrated network of collaborative spaces where people dream bigger, build better, and deliver greater genuine value to their stakeholders and customers, every day.

You’re In Good Company!

We’re creating an exciting environment for some of the most talented people in the world to create products and services that will make this world a better place. Our sponsors have a key role in contributing to the environment and in sharing their latest developments as well as their vision.

Our sponsors have significant visibility within Ignition Loft and throughout the entire technology and fitness community which goes well beyond Irvine and Southern California.

Ignition Loft offers tech startups, long term tenants and visitors an environment with an eco-system of resources you won’t find in any other tech hub or co working space.

Each sponsorship program provides a wealth of opportunities to feature your brand in a prominent and engaging manner.