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About Ignition Loft

We understand ideas and understand good ones. You’re different, you know it and you’re giving it your all. However, you can’t microwave a business, but you can follow a tried and true roadmap. Consider the Ignition Loft that roadmap you need.

Dare to be different

With innovative workspace, Ignition Loft is truly a lifestyle environment for those who believe coffee is for closers.

Unlock your inner genius

Get the conversation going

True innovation


Ignition Loft is striving to build a community of entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors, educators, corporations and mentors who can work together to create the world we all want to live in for generations to come. We hope you will join us in whatever capacity serves you best.

Entrepreneurs & Start Ups

We welcome entrepreneurs and start-ups looking for a place to create and build their dreams. Accelerate your growth and connect with the relationships and resources you need.


Breakthrough products created by highly talented and motivated entrepreneurs is a great mix when looking for new deal flow.


Connect with a culture of innovation and passion with access to entrepreneurs, start-ups and a wide range of expertise. Our sponsorship opportunities will help you get the most out of your participation.


Extend your educational opportunities to our community and create a connection for collaboration and life long learning.


Show your support for those willing to put it all on the line for innovation and job creation. Share your expertise, contacts and leadership skills.


Great ideas travel the world. See what is happening in the hot bed of innovation and make new connections to advance your initiatives.



Ignition Loft is taking applications for new members. We welcome entrepreneurs, start-ups of all sizes and companies looking for innovative space. We offer desk and private office space for a short or long term rental. Companies seeking to place tech teams or small groups to work and get away from the traditional corporate environment are welcome. We hope you will contact us so we can reserve the right space for you when our doors open.


As a member of Ignition Loft, you truly get to emerge yourself in a community of like-minded individuals across all kinds of industry sectors.

Make new friends, new business partners, new family.


We’re focused on the dreamers and the makers who have pulled together that incredible brew of art, science, insight, and raw determination. They don’t give up and they live to see the joy and life changing benefits that come from their creations. Working with these people is what we get up for every day.

We aim to build a culture that people love to work and visit. If you share our passion for the possibility of greatness, drop us your information and we’ll talk.

Call (949) 377-2970 or email